taught by Dana Damara

Course description

Join Dana every month, in the comfort of your own home, for New and Full Moon practices, meditation, and sacred ritual using oils and crystals.  Create a deep, personal connection to the Divine via the Moon and connect deeper to your truth by aligning with Her cycles!

“I have been interested in Hatha Yoga for over 17 years now and I’ve always been intrigued with astrology and the celestial orchestra that is happening in the sky without our direction.” Says Dana. “It’s all finally beginning to make sense, where my passion has come from.”

This offering, the 13 Moon Mystic, is open to men and women aiming to create a deep, personal connection to the Divine, via the Moon in all her glory. 

Each month you will receive in your inbox, digestible, usable tips and tricks supporting you in your personal practice and simple rituals you can share with your students if you are a teacher or healer.

Each month you have access to: 

  • New Moon and Full Moon Aspects
  • General intention setting guidelines for the New Moon
  • Ritual for the Full Moon
  • Suitable meditation for the Lunar cycle
  • Suggested essential oils that enhance your practice.

When does the subscription start and finish?

The program officially starts on January 1, 2020 and ends December 31, 2020.

Can you read my chart?  

Yes, I read natal charts and am available for readings by booking appointments on my site

Dana Damara
Dana Damara
Mystic, Soul Empowerment Coach

I am a momma, a yoga-preneur, a woman, a Priestess, and a spiritual being, navigating this Earth realm as a human being.   Parenting two teen girls is my yoga, the beach is my refuge, the stars my guiding force, the Earth ... whom I bow to every day.  

I am privileged to lead trainings and retreats around the world and hang out with teens in my "down time". I love all things mystic and all things teenager.  

This program was birthed so I could use my divination tools every single day in between hanging out at home.  Following the planets and stars have given me perspective and allowed me to surrender to a something I can see.  

I hope you enjoy listening to these as much I love recording them.

Dana Damara