dana damara yoga

taught by Dana Damara
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Dana Damara
Dana Damara
Mystic, Soul Empowerment Coach

About the instructor

I am a momma, a yoga-preneur, a woman, a Priestess, and a spiritual being, navigating this Earth realm as a human being.   Parenting two teen girls is my yoga, the beach is my refuge, the stars my guiding force, the Earth ... whom I bow to every day.  

I am privileged to lead trainings and retreats around the world and hang out with teens in my "down time". I love all things mystic and all things teenager.  

This program was birthed so I could use my divination tools every single day in between hanging out at home.  Following the planets and stars have given me perspective and allowed me to surrender to a something I can see.  

I hope you enjoy listening to these as much I love recording them.

Dana Damara 

I've decided to offer tiers - because of where we are in the world right now - it's important to take on this practice for what it is:  a practice of Oneness.  Therefore I decided to offered three tiers to my offering.  

$36 a month:  Pay it Forward:  You serve one person who cannot afford the monthly fee.

$27 a month:  Committed:  You are committed to this practice on and off the mat.

$18 a month:  Tribe: I love you and you love me.  So we practice together.

**If for some reason you cannot afford this pricing .. reach out to me directly.  There are others in our community that are paying it forward and no-one will be turned away.  


* 3-4 LIVE STREAMED classes
* Recorded (Sunday classes in case you miss it)
* Archived Classes since March 2020
* Recorded content: Meditation, Pranayam, Flows, Chanting
* Early access to special offerings, practices and exclusive content.

Online classes can’t quite compare to the organic flow of a live, public class. I agree but... I want to be patient and wait and see what is going to happen in our city before jumping into public classes.⁠

When I do start public classes I will be using the beautiful space in the back of EVE Encinitas.

So in the meantime, please join me online with these live-streamed and on-demand classes and my pop-up classes around North County. ⁠

Everyone can benefit from this practice. ⁠When we let go of expectation and listen with our inner ear for the message every time we show up, we drink from the nectar that we call yoga. This practice of yoga is a consistent refinement, or an evolutionary process, that we get to tap into every time we take a breath. 

Join me ... I miss you. Until we can all be together again.  

**I ask that you commit to the  monthly subscription through December 31, 2020 to receive this special discount and access to all content.

Om Namo Lakshmi

D xo

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